I don’t do a one-price-fits-all as every bike tends to be different.

I rather see the bike and give you my best indication of price and time.

But here are a few prices based on past experience.

Bronze / Standard Service £30 (FER £25)

Check & Adjust Brakes,
Check & Adjust Gears,
Check & Adjust Fixings
Lube Cables, Frame & Parts
Tyre & pressure check
Complete Needs Report
Labour inclusive to fit any cables & non-disc brake pads.
Parts Not Included.

Strip Down Service £90 (FER £70) – Workshop only

Replace brake & gear cables (stainless steel inner)
Replace loose bearing balls (excludes cartridge bearings)
Wheels check and true (excludes wheel rebuild & spoke fitting)
Hubs stripped, cleaned, inspected & greased
Headset stripped, cleaned, inspected & greased
Bottom bracket stripped, cleaned, inspected & greased
Check nuts, bolt & torque
Chain & Cassette block removed, cleaned, inspected & lubricated
Brake check & adjustment
Cables Lubricated
Tyre & pressure check

Price excludes dirty bike wash, all parts not mentioned above. Does not include Suspension Servicing, Frame Bushes/Bearing replacement and re-spoke or wheel re-building.

A note on components.

There is also a huge price difference between basic items and top end items.

I’ll always try and give you a few options.

Example: Basic Bulk Brake Block at £2.50 a pair to £35 for a top brand high performance pair.

(Note: I’m generally happy to fit your supplied components for labour only.)

Additionally, jobs are often considerably quicker on a well serviced bike vs a neglected bike.

Example: a seized seatpost – I can’t even get the bike into the work stand.

However, you can take comfort in that I work quickly but with care and high personal integrity, invest heavily in professional workshop grade tools, use quality stainless steel cables, quality professional greases and oils and charge a very fair rate of £25 per hour.

A most common pricing example:
To fix a puncture on a standard wheel £9 = new inner tube (~£3.50) + labour (£5)

Estimates – which are usually free and are just that – an estimate – can only be given on seeing the bike and the problem and then some problems only reveal themselves as you get into the work.

Call me on 07766 276 151 to discuss your bike maintenance or repair needs.